Calling All Authors


Calling all authors: I am currently looking for a holiday themed read for the upcoming season. If you have a novel that you believe would be a good fit, please pitch me your book at Please include the word “review” in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. I’m still accepting other genres 😉


Times I don’t Like Hearing the “F” Word

Failure – the one “F” word you don’t want to hear when you call tech support. More specifically, motherboard failure. Yup, that’s right friends; my laptop has officially crashed. I’m bringing it in for repair today however my optimism is weaning. True, it was a fossil from the Jurassic period but it was MY fossil.

Cross your fingers for me!


The Moving Van is Unloading…

So, here we are settling into our new blog home! I won’t lie; I hated to abandon my former site however due to reliability problems with the host’s server, here we now are.

As disgruntled I am about leaving my former blog behind, it was time for a change. In addition to the site problem (bad gateway 502, anyone?), my blog goals have (slightly) changed. Like its predecessor, this blog will still center around books though this time around it won’t only be about MY books. Yes friends, you’ve guessed it; I’ve decided to expand my blogging horizons and review books. Book bloggers gave me an amazing platform when I was in the midst of self-publishing and I believe I can return the favor. Besides, I’m always reading something. May as well blog about it.

Those who are a fan of my work, fret not. I will still alert you of upcoming novels and day-to-day writing posts.

I hope you all follow me to my new home (my blog home, not my actual home – that would be super creepy) and that you enjoy my caffeine-hinged rants along the way 🙂