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I am currently OPEN to reviews

Review copies I will accept: -Hard copies only

Self-published: I will review self-published books.

Genres I review: I prefer young adult, new adult, women’s fiction and up-market fiction.

Genres I won’t review: Erotica. Sorry Fifty Shades of Grey fans. Not for me. I also rarely do non-fiction.

About my reviews: My reviews include a rating, release date, and the publishers blurb about the book.  My reviews also include recommendations for the book or against the book. I will be completely honest about whether or not I liked the book. If I accept a book for review there is no guarantee that the book will get a good review. I post my reviews on my blog and as often as possible on Goodreads and Amazon.

Also, I have a job as well as two very rambunctious children to tend to and don’t always have time to read. Be patient.

Other services: I love hosting giveaways, interviewing authors, and participating in blog tours.

Note: I do not accept money or bribes for reviews.  If I received a book free of charge for review it will state that on my review.  All other reviews are from books I purchased, were gifted or got at the library.

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5 cups – Excellent and highly recommended! Go buy it now!

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4 cups – Very good book, worth the read.

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3 cups – A good book, liked it.

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2 cups – This book was okay, but I wouldn’t read it again.

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1 cup – Not my cup of java.

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3 thoughts on “Review Policy

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  2. Hello J.D.
    Awesome! (the Austin meme- all things are Awesome) – Glad we spotted your site. Someone who is not featuring Vampires, Mancandy and paranormal. We are releasing this unique work on June 30, 2017, and the sequel “ Dining and Driving with Cats – Alice Rising” in November. Each is a standalone but continue the story. You may find this work a little tame for your tastes – then again you may not. So I say , thank you for providing this site. I call this genre Clean Romantic Relationships in Classic Style – in this title there is nothing graphic and almost zero profanity – Alice did say “you bastards” once.
             This title is a moveable feast driving across the South sharing travel, dining and adventure with Alice, hubby and her two cats.  Join us in a romantic love story filled with unusual places, smiling faces and a secret Alice shared with the Other Woman.  Dine on Clancy and Gautreau’s scrumptious creations while eavesdropping on Alice’s secret. Find out how the Other Woman persuaded Alice to accept his ring.                
    Short Description
    “Dining and Driving With Cats – Alice Unplugged” is a heartwarming and hilarious true adventure of a couple who shares a love that most of us only imagine. Pat Patterson is a born storyteller and makes readers feel as if they are part of the road trip. This book will keep you up late into the night reading and laughing.  Here is the remarkable story of how a girl who loved cats captured the heart of a young man who came in from the rain.  This is their story of a shared love for travel and history, for food and for their sweet and wily cats Munchie and Tuffy. No cats were harmed during the writing of this book, although the humans have been left with minor physical scars from this very real trip with two very real cats. With the help of his Editor Bryna Kranzler, the award winning author of  “The Accidental Anarchist”, a non-stop two hundred and sixty page adventure wrapped in a tender love story emerges from the author’s diary.
             Alice is a real life brainy, successful business woman.  Today she lives in San Miguel de Allende a small cathedral town high in the Central Mexican foothills. For over thirty years she lived in Washington D.C.. When she was fresh out of grad school and managing her firm’s D.C. office she captured the  heart of a young man who came in from the rain. He fell hard. He pursued her.  She said no –she told him she had cats. What she didn’t tell him was that she also had a secret. Over thirty years have passed since Alice revealed her secret. The young man is no longer young but he still pursues her. She calls him hubby.
    Now sharing a dream home in San Miguel with their two cats Alice suggests they embark on a road trip from Mexico to Blowing Rock, N.C. in the Blue Ridge mountains. Alice insists the two cats Munchie and Tuffy must ride along. Hubby resists. Alice seduces him with a promise. She promises to buy him the perfect vehicle for the trip. He dreams of a Suburban SUV like the ones on CSI Miami and Criminal Minds or maybe a Ford Platinum F-150 4 Door Supercab like the one Mark Wahlberg and Hugh Jackman drive. Alice surprises with a Japanese sub-compact. She buys him a Honda Fit.
             The reader joins the foursome as an intimate passenger on the first leg of the journey from the Mexican border to Atlanta, Georgia. If you come along you will dine on scrumptious creations from America’s most acclaimed chefs from Austin and New Orleans to the Procope and Odeon Relais at Buci Market in Paris. You will laugh at cats stuck in boxes, cry over destruction beyond imagination, fight with a Pirate, terrify a US Vice-President, learn cat smuggling, thrill with a love that wouldn’t die, and learn how the Other Woman persuaded Alice to accept my ring. So what’s keeping you? Hop in ‘cause these cats don’t bite. Besides, “The Get In Here and Eat” pop-up food truck is waiting just up the Austin highway.
    I hope you will consider reviewing our story. MOBI, PDF and ePUB versions are available on the website. 
    Summary Info    
    Publisher: IonPublishers LLC , Charleston, S.C. 29401
    Author: Pat Patterson
    Editor: Bryna Kranzler (award winning author “The Accidental Anarchist”)
    Release Date: June 30, 2017
    Trim 8.5×5.5 paperback
    Price $12.95
    Page Count: 260
    Word Count: 82,000
    Website Download Advance Review Copy (MOBI, ePUB, PDF)
    Web Site: dininganddrivingwithcats        
      GoodReads: patpatterson
    Dining and Driving with Cats – Alice Unplugged (review request ARC)


    1. authorjdthompson

      Hi Pat,
      Sorry about the delayed response. Although I am short for time in terms of reviews, I would be happy to feature them on the blog if you’re still interested. Please feel free to email me any promotional material and information to


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