Review Policy

Review copies I will accept: -ARC -Hard copy -Ebooks (I do accept ebooks, but prefer paper books when it’s possible.)

Self-published: I will review self-published books.

Genres I review: I prefer young adult, new adult, women’s fiction and up-market fiction.

Genres I won’t review: Erotica. Sorry Fifty Shades of Grey fans. Not for me. I also rarely do non-fiction.

About my reviews: My reviews include a rating, release date, and the publishers blurb about the book.  My reviews also include recommendations for the book or against the book. I will be completely honest about whether or not I liked the book. If I accept a book for review there is no guarantee that the book will get a good review. I post my reviews on my blog and as often as possible on Goodreads and Amazon.

Also, I have a job as well as two very rambunctious children to tend to and don’t always have time to read. Be patient.

Other services: I love hosting giveaways, interviewing authors, and participating in blog tours.

Note: I do not accept money or bribes for reviews.  If I received a book free of charge for review it will state that on my review.  All other reviews are from books I purchased, were gifted or got at the library.

Please contact me with any requests at

Other places to find my blog on the web:

  • Goodreads (JD Thompson)
  • Facebook Account (  

Rating System

5 cups – Excellent and highly recommended! Go buy it now!

coffee cupcoffee cupcoffee cupcoffee cupcoffee cup

4 cups – Very good book, worth the read.

coffee cupcoffee cupcoffee cupcoffee cup

3 cups – A good book, liked it.

coffee cupcoffee cupcoffee cup

2 cups – This book was okay, but I wouldn’t read it again.

coffee cupcoffee cup

1 cup – Not my cup of java.

coffee cup

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